Comment on my new blog design (not that I, like, care or anything)

Official statement:

Following several in-depth pieces of quantitative and qualitative research, backed up by the findings of a focus group (all of which took place in my head), I have decided to reposition the Glosswatch blog brand. I do so not without serious misgivings. The overall brand identity – and the feelings of familiarity this can inspire in loyal followers – is not something with which I would wish to dispense. However, I have, for quite some time, been thinking that my blog looked a bit shit and furthermore that the rubbish design may even have led some to assume that I’m more of a twat than I actually am.

Basically, I have changed the theme and tagline of the blog. And I am really, really embarrassed about having done so, because it looks like, you know, I actually care about this blog. Whereas what I’d want people to assume is that it just kind of “happens”.

My original idea with the blog was to write about glossy magazines (hence the title), as a way of sharing the internal rants I always have while reading the magazines to which I inexplicably subscribe. However, once I started blogging, I found there was a lot more I wanted to rant about. In particular, through attaching myself to certain mummy blogging communities, I suddenly realised there was much I wanted to say about my own experiences of parenting. And then there was stuff about eating disorders. And the Daily Mail. And Snow White and the Huntsman (but I’m over that now, I think). Anyhow, I strayed off the original point, and found myself with a design and tagline which seemed a bit incongruous (but alas, that was my “brand”! What have I done?).

I am making a self-important announcement about this now because I am so embarrassed about the implicit announcement I’ve made anyhow by changing the design. And obviously by making this written announcement I’m not going to make myself look even more of a twat. I mean, that’s not possible, is it?

Anyhow, I’m not quite there with the new design. The one bit of consumer feedback I’ve had so far is that the font’s too small. So actually, at this stage, no one will be able to read what I’ve written here anyhow. Which is, in actual fact, something of a relief.

Well. I hope that’s cleared things up.


8 thoughts on “Comment on my new blog design (not that I, like, care or anything)

  1. I miss the make up header. But then I always love looking at other people’s make up and wishing I could afford it 🙂

    1. I couldn’t make the heading legible with that in the background (the header is a foundation bottle pic but you can’t recognise it). All of my makeup is off Ebay – I think it is authentic, but it wouldn’t make any difference to my face either way!

  2. I like the new look (although I was quite partial to the old one too) but I’m not so keen on the fact that when you are looking at a particular post there’s no sidebar on the right with a list of all posts. If I recall correctly there used to be one and it made for easier browsing. But content is spot-on as ever!

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