Men’s rights websites: Is there a meaningful response?

When I first started exploring the internet I used to visit men’s rights websites a lot. They held a strange fascination for me. I’d always known some men hated women. I’d just never expected any of them to put so much time and effort into justifying their hate.

The arguments made for easy, if disturbing, reading. You could puncture the assertions, one by one, without even pausing for actual thought. Not that this made any difference. It’s not as though there’d have been any point in emailing or adding comments along the lines of “have you ever considered, you know, women being people and all that?” I did try it once, though, on a men’s rights forum in which it was argued that women “dominated” the eating disorders “market” (whatever the fuck that means). I suggested that the female death rate from anorexia, and the extent to which the dieting industry targets women, were both rather extreme. I got called a “feminazi”. Then someone else started going “she heil! she heil!” Then someone else noticed that my real name (which I was using) sounded a bit German (except that actually, it doesn’t). And then someone else … Well, anyhow, as you can see it was all completely and utterly pointless. And particularly depressing when you witness the ways in which feminists tie themselves in knots trying to be inclusive and authoritative. Why don’t we just opt for the teenage “fuck you, you’re all facists!” flounce? It’s a hell of a lot easier. And when you’re not making sense to begin with no one can answer you back.

I’m not going to do the whole thing on why men’s rights websites are not the same as feminist websites. I can’t be arsed. And besides, I don’t think it’s fair. Why should I have to go to all this trouble? If a person can’t see the difference now, I’m not going to change their mind. How can I, given that said person is stupid, or hateful, or both? I seriously cannot be bothered. And just the thought of making an effort for them makes me cross. Plus, if I were to quote from some of them, I might attract trolls. There are limits to the extent to which I am prepared to argue with the terminally fucking stupid. Quite generous limits, but limits all the same.

While I can be quite opinionated, I would say that, in general, I’m quite amenable to engaging with others and having my mind changed, not least because I know I’m sometimes wrong. In this case, though, I know I’m not, at least as much as I know that I’m a person with real thoughts and feelings and deserving of the same opportunities as any man. I am all these things, despite the fact that I’m also a fugly (gloss: an ugly woman who is therefore a feminist because it’s her only weapon against the dominance of more sexually attractive women on the only marketplace upon which we’re allowed to compete. I actually got this from an antifeminist website and not, as you might be thinking, from the film Snow White and the Huntsman).

Well, I’ve written all this in a fit of pique, having followed a link from Twitter onto a men’s rights site, which I’m not going to link to here, but which I’m sure would be a piece of piss to find. I’m not quite sure what the point of this post is. I guess, if anything, there is one thing it makes me aware of more than ever: FEMINISTS ARE REALLY FUCKING ACE AND CLEVER AND KIND AND NECESSARY. FORGET ABOUT ‘IN-FIGHTING’ AND WHATNOT – WE’RE JUST ALL SODDING ACE AND OUR OPPONENTS ARE TOTAL MORONS. LET’S NEVER FORGET THAT.

Well. I’ve said it now. That is all.


4 thoughts on “Men’s rights websites: Is there a meaningful response?

  1. To put it simply a growing number of men have come up with a meaningful response to feminism: They are simply abandoning marriage – avoiding intimate relationships with women and leaving women to fend for themselves.

      1. I’ve reached the point in my life that beyond the necessities: Food – clothes – shelter – transportation I only need two things 1) e-reader and 2) laptop computer. Since I can provide all the above mentioned items and my right hand is quite capable of providing the rest of my needs it isn’t necessary for me to put with the crap women like to dish out. Hence my attitude in regards to women is “Don’t let the door hit ya bum on the way out!”

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