Thoughts upon turning 37

Today I turn 37. I have, obviously, never been 37 before. I only get one shot at it and it’s important I get it right. Furthermore, I can’t help thinking that everything I do over the next few days will “set the tone” for being 37. so if I get it wrong now, that’s the whole year fucked.

37 is quite grown-up. There’s no denying it any longer. I’ve really got to start pulling my socks up and becoming “proper”. Not today, obviously; today’s my birthday and no one’s “proper” on their birthday. And then tomorrow I might have a hangover, so that won’t count either. Perhaps Sunday, then? But then there are two Bank Holidays straight after that so it’s not representative of a usual week. And there’d still be that issue on the Wednesday. Perhaps I should leave it a full week? But I don’t want to start on a Friday.

Can I leave it till the Monday after? I think that’ll be the 11th, which is a weird date for becoming a new person. To me that just doesn’t sound right, and it’s important it sounds right because otherwise I just won’t be committed. To be honest, I’d really like to start on the 1st of a month. Providing it’s a Monday, with no Bank Holidays making it atypical. Just off to check.

[consults calendar]

Actually, at that rate it’ll have to be October. Which will be five months after I turn 37. Six months would better but again, if we want a normal Monday, we’re actually thinking sometime in 2013. And by that time we might as well wait till I turn 38.

38 is a funny age, though. Definitely “pushing 40”. And on that basis I might as well wait till I turn 40.

So, that’s decided. Three more years until I turn “proper”. Wow. Only 11 hours into being 37 and already I’ve come up with a plan!