Houla massacres: Day of Protest

Well, thus far I have spent what is meant to be a day of protest blogging about the following: crap German pop stars; Glamour magazine;  turning 37. Which, to be fair, is quite a lot of blogging to fit in around playing Lego Star Wars for PS2 and reading Sam Sheep Can’t Sleep several times over.

I should of course write something on the Houla massacre but I am using the following excuses:

  • my three-year-old’s pestering me so I’ll probably mis-spell things and get facts wrong and it’ll be disrespectful
  • who do I think I am, Orla sodding Guerin?
  • I’ll look like a wanker who just wants to find any excuse to add to her blog traffic
  • it’s too sad and I don’t like thinking about sad things
  • my four-year-old has just demanded that I help him with his PS2 game again so I’m too busy killing pretend Lego people to write about real, live children being killed

All of this demonstrates two things: 1. I’m a bit of a shit, and 2. there are loads of reasons for not giving a toss about people being murdered, even if you’ve got nothing better to do than sit in your living room with your own non-massacred kids.

So this is why I’m writing this, in an effort to be less of a shit and in order not to give stupid excuses the time of day. Only it’s difficult to know what to say as Houla is so mind-blowing. To me, it’s all a bit pretend. I can’t look at my children and seriously contemplate anything like that happening, and can’t visualise how it ever could, anywhere on Earth.

I’ve visited Buchenwald and Bergen Belsen, and to me these places also felt pretend. Like I was visiting the set from Schindler’s List, and not the reality upon which a film like Schindler’s List is based. And the more I try to put it in my own words, the more pretend it becomes.

So rather than go on about it any more, I’d rather just link to the Times article, which says it all better than I can. Plus I have more pretend people to kill. But at least with Lego you can put them back together and if not, you always get a bonus heart.