Blogging, madness and rubbish jumpers

Warning: an official up-its-own-arse blogging-about-blogging post

Summer 2011: Buying shoes on Ebay

Autumn 2011: Silk painting

Winter 2011/2012: Knitting

Spring 2012: This.

That’s the trouble with me. I always have to have a “thing”. By that I don’t mean a simple hobby. A hobby would be nice, a good way to pass the time every now and then. By “thing” I mean a full-on, takes-over-your-life obsession. I’ve always got one on the go and I don’t know why. It’s not like I’ve even got the time.

I have a partner, children, a full-time job and a house so appallingly dirty that even the slugs from last year have left in disgust. With all this going on, why can’t I at least get an obsession that would be halfway useful? An obsession with cleaning, for instance. That would help, but no, here I am, still writing as even more dust gathers around me. Blogging has officially taken over my life.

It’s not like I’m not trying to change. I’ve asked to be on the Mumsnet Research Panel, meaning I can review products via the blog. When asked for my interests, I ticked “cleaning”, on the basis that if they send me some free Cillit Bang, I’ll have to test it out before I can write a review. See, that’s a way of getting at least a little bit done (Mumsnet, are you reading this? If so, please note that I only said “Cillit Bang” for humble, comic effect. What I really want is a carpet cleaning machine. I’m sure I’d also be able to write a good review of a home help, or even a manny).

This blogging thing is one of my more absorbing obsessions. With this, I’ve got it bad. Still, I’m better at it than I was at knitting, and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. I think I’ve written some okay posts whereas all of my jumpers are rubbish (it’s the tension – I just can’t get the tension right). But the thing about knitting was, I didn’t think about it at work, or when I was out shopping, or when I was out with the kids. I just did it of an evening. With blogging, even if I’m not in front of the computer it’s there, in my head, all the time.

Can blogging drive you mad? Can you end up in a state where nothing can happen to you without it becoming blogging fodder? Where real life is just something to blog about? Where you’re living life at one remove, through the blog, with all thoughts and feelings filtered down through your blogger voice? I’m a bit scared this might happen to me. And so I’m gonna step away from the laptop, for a couple of days at least. Till Sunday evening, at the earliest. And now, time to hunt out those knitting needles. There are more crap jumpers to be made!