So, why did no one believe the Rochdale abuse victims?

[Trigger warning – it’s the Daily Mail, after all]

Why did it take the police so long to believe the victims of the Rochester rape ring? That’s the question I have to ask myself, even if, like most feminists, I’m not remotely arsed about female victims of sex abuse being believed. Thank god the Daily Mail’s on the case.

You could of course say it’s all down to the entire world being saturated in Political Correctness Gone Mad. No one’s going to believe a white girl’s statement against that of an Asian man. As the Mail suggests, here we have “the horrific consequences of Britain’s “Islamophobia” witch-hunt” (boy, we’ve missed you, Melanie Phillips). The trouble is, to be perfectly honest, I have to say this interpretation DOES sound a little racist to me. Not to mention completely fucking implausible.

I have decided to do some further research into this myself. Only I am lazy and only have my lunch hour in which to do it, so I’ve stuck to the Daily Mail website. Still, it’s all proven quite enlightening. I now present to you my three key findings revealing why the Rochdale victims were not believed. And it’s fuck all to do with race:

  1. Women lie about rape all the time. They lie because they’re jealous. They lie because they’ve cheated. They lie because, basically, they’re scum. We hear far more about women lying than we do about them telling the truth. So what’s a reasonable Mail-reading bobby meant to believe?
  2. Young girls are there for our delectation. Like here, and here, and here. And also, they’re total slags. Hence the Rochdale men’s defence seems perfectly plausible.
  3. It’s only rape if you’re in a dark alley with a total stranger. Otherwise it’s a “grey area“. It’s hard for men to know where the boundares lie. That applies to paedophiles as much as it does to police officers. Jeez, it’s hard being a bloke.

So, there you have it. Worry no longer, Daily Mail. The answer to this moral conundrum was there in your website, all the time, there in all the stories that simply HAVE to be told and which don’t distort our perceptions of men, women and reality in any way whatsoever.


2 thoughts on “So, why did no one believe the Rochdale abuse victims?

  1. I know this is slightly beside the point of your post, but in the way of supplementary research, may I mention the BBC’s broadcast yesterday of a random male vox-pop stating “it takes two to tango”, and pointing out that the girls should have been at home in bed? Further evidence (if it were needed — I mean, it’s not as if I’d ever question the Mail) that teenage victims of rape & abuse have only themselves to blame.

    Poor rapists/traffickers, with all these out-of-control girls wandering around freely on the streets. What are they meant to do? NOT rape them? C’mon.

    1. Thanks for pointing that one out! It reminds me of a judge in the early nineties who described a girl who’d been raped by her babysitter as “no angel”. I’d have hoped we’d have moved on. It’s really unbelievable – and particularly shocking that what’s happened is being used as an opportunity not to fight misogyny, but to incite racism. Brilliant.

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