Parents of two! Which famous duos remind you of your kids?

Do you have two children? If so, which one is R2-D2 and which is C-3PO? With mine, I can answer that in a heartbeat. Eldest – fussy, overly-precise, with a poshness that arises from we know not where – is definitely C-3PO. Youngest – small, babbly, traipsing around clumsily after his brother – is clearly our little Artoo. And as for yours? Perhaps that one is simply to do with age and birth order. But what about other celebrity pairings? How do YOUR children fit in?

With mine, I am constantly changing my position on who they “really” are. Over the years, my offspring have been:

  • Neil Tennant (Eldest) and Chris Lowe (Youngest)
  • Jordan (Youngest) and Peter Andre (Eldest)
  • Phillip Schofield (Eldest) and Gordon the Gopher (Youngest)
  • David Cameron (Youngest) and Nick Clegg (Eldest)
  • Morrissey (Youngest) and Johnny Marr (Eldest)
  • Stewie (Youngest) and Brian (Eldest)

So, to summarise, my youngest is a bit silly (what with being two) but also a bit of a charmer and quite dominant. And my eldest is a sensitive sort, who’s prone to be a bit put-upon (but can also dominate in a secret. passive-aggressive type way – just like Peter Andre). And because I am their mother, I will try to avoid it , but I will nevertheless fall into the trap of going “he’s the X one, and he’s the Y one” forever more, thus fixing them in overly specific, inappropriate roles for the rest of their lives. But since I’m going to do it anyhow, it’s fun to come up with crazy celebrity associations along the way.

So, am I the only one? Does anyone else do this? Which pint-sized celebrities do you have living in your house? Answers in the comments box!

(This can apply to more than two children. For instance, if you have three, which one is the ever-dominant Tombliboo Ooo?)


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    1. That’s so cute! I’ve just decided my mine are also Laurel and Hardy – Youngest always gets Eldest into “another fine mess”.

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