Blogging it for babies! Way-hey!

I’ve decided to write a post on Save the Children’s Blog it for Babies campaign. After all, makes a change from the usual moans/rants/not-quite-sure-what-these-are-any-more pieces.

Blog it for Babies (#blogitforbabies – no idea what putting the hashtag version in here will do, but thought I might as well) supports Save the Children’s Build it for Babies campaign, which is raising money to provide equipment to health clinics in Bangladesh, providing essential care for mothers and babies. At this juncture I would like to add a sarcastic comment, or a pun, to lighten the mood, but it would be inappropriate. Nonetheless, rest assured that this did cross my mind (something along the lines of Blag it for Babies – the less ethically sound branch of the campaign – but don’t worry,  I’ll stop right there. No, actually, I won’t. Snog it for Babies – there, I’ve suggested it. Although I haven’t yet decided what “it” is).

Some bloggers are offering their birth stories in support of the campaign. I, however, have blabbed about mine quite enough here and here (to summarise: my birth experiences were tops and I was one lucky lady, apart from the fact that I therefore got absolutely zero ammunition for ranting out of them. Although ranting on behalf of the rest of womankind is also good, as you can still swear but it just looks like you’re all the more impassioned and caring).

Anyhow, to prove you are not some heartless meanie who doesn’t like babies, why not visit the site and make a donation? Or you can donate by text: just text the following code and the amount e.g. a pound – XVRL71£1 – to this number – 70070. Then I will feel I have done some good and will match you pound-for-pound with a new shoe purchase as a reward for me (only kidding. I’ll match your donation to the project like for like, then double the amount to create my actual shoe budget. Wayhey! Everyone’s a winner!).*

* PS I am still joking at this point. I’m not actually getting any new shoes. But sod it, I’ve messed about so much in this post, and in life in general, who’s going to believe me now …

POSTSCRIPT I feel a bit cringed by this post, like I think I’m Lenny Henry, or something. But hey, I really do like Premier Inn, so I’m not that much of a fraud.


2 thoughts on “Blogging it for babies! Way-hey!

  1. I love the way you write, very funny 🙂 And it’s awesome that your birthing experience left you with no ammunition to rant… I wish everyone could have it that way!

    I also wrote a #blogitforbabies post here 🙂

    1. Just read your post. Really interesting to look at it from the perspective of someone who’s delivered babies (and who’s thinking about how they themselves were delivered – not something that has crossed my mind much!)

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