Gamine beauties, you can kiss my bimbo-tastic arse

Over a decade ago, I had a major falling out with someone I’d been friends with for years. We’d argued about stupid things before – state schools vs private schools, the Northern Ireland peace process – but this time the subject was a bit more serious: our respective tit sizes. Looking back, I realize it’s an area we should really have avoided. We’re still not properly reconciled to this day.

Like may such misunderstandings, it started over email. We were having a group discussion and she mentioned a party she’d been to in a strapless dress. Someone else mentioned how nice she’d looked, and she made a comment about how “at least with small breasts you can get away with this without them going down to your ankles”. I happen to have large breasts. They don’t quite reach my ankles yet (or didn’t then), but I still took offence. So I made some quip along the lines of “yeah, but you’ll still always be small”. So then she got similarly offended and asked if there was any other part of her body I’d like to take a shot at. And, being me, and feeling exceptionally annoyed at her failure to recognize that I’d been slighted first, I thought “fuck it” and told her (and everyone else) I didn’t think that much of her thighs, either. It was, I think you’ll agree, all very mature.

She was upset, I was upset. We were both upset because our tits were, and are, in one way or another, the “wrong” size. So we took it out on each other and we’re no longer friends. How fucking stupid is that?

I was thinking of this yesterday because for some idiotic reason I decided to read “In praise of small-breasted women“, that piece from The Good Men Project that’s already gaining cult status amongst those of us who like reading stuff that’s completely and utterly mental. I’m not going to tear the article to pieces here; I can’t do that as well as it’s done here, for starters. In fairness, or to show that The Good Men Project has no idea when to stop, there has been a follow-up piece, “In praise of large-breasted women“. I’ve not read it yet, but I think we should push for the “medium-breasted women” and “women with one breast bigger than the other (and the smaller one has an inverted nipple)” pieces forthwith, just for the hell of it.

Still, all this “aren’t women’s characters and their breasts just one and the same thing?” crap did get me onto another topic, and one which I think is much-neglected in tit-debating circles. And that’s gamine beauties. You know the ones I mean: Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tatou – essentially, anyone called Audrey (apart from Audrey off Coronation Street). Gamine beauties are thin, fit women drooled over by men who don’t normally drool over thin, fit women. Part of the reason this is permitted is because gamine beauties are classy, that is, they have short hair and small breasts (okay, I’m exagerrating. It’s also because they’re not American and get to act in pretentious films. But believe me, I’m sure small tits play a significant part in all this). Gamine beauties are “the thinking man’s bimbo”. So men get to letch over them and flatter themselves that they’re only doing so because their own IQs are so high. Rather like the nice “thinking” man in the original Good Men Project article.

When I first moved in with my partner, he tried to put up a poster of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I said no; I found it hard enough not to get stressed about eating my own breakfast without having a gorgeous anorexia icon staring down at me (btw, I’ve never actually seen “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”; I’m guessing here, but I reckon Holly Golightly chose Special K). This may all sound petty, but he’d never have suggested putting up a poster of Jordan (and yes, I know arty cinema is not the same as “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”, but perhaps the issue is not the natural bimbo-esqueness of the large-breasted, but the under-representation of the large-breasted in arty cinema, so there). Anyhow, we’ve agreed that Katy off CBeebies’ “I can cook” is a reasonable compromise (you can’t generally estimate her breast size due to the apron).

I have nothing personally aganist “gamines”. I am just sick of breast size being associated with intellect, not only in the letched-over but in the letcher himself. I will however admit, there is ONE way in which having large breasts has hindered my intellectual development. When I was at university, the computers in the library were positioned in such a way that when I was standing up to search for resources, my tits just happened to rest on the space bar. This would send the page scrolling down super-quick, and clearly limited my ability to hunt down the vital journals I needed. If it hadn’t been for my ample bosoms, I’d have been a bloody genius. Am I bitter? Just a little. But still, with a rack like mine you learn to get by.


13 thoughts on “Gamine beauties, you can kiss my bimbo-tastic arse

  1. Having had to live with a small pair all my life and still longing for a big pair (I may still have a boob job) I wouldn’t give a monkeys what anyone else thinks. At all!!! I would put my fave bra on and be very very proud!! #jealous

    1. Yes, I’d be delighted to spread some of my ranting round a bit further via The Camel’s Hump! That would be ace! (tries and fails not to sound over-enthusiastic at the thought of more people finding out how big my breasts are…) Is there anything you would need me to do? (God, I really am over-keen!)

  2. As someone who had a breast reduction to appear more intellectual I had to comment! (well thats not the real reason but feck it was nice to have blokes start talking to my face after- 34HH to 34D). It is fascinating how going from big to small boobs can change how people react to you. In fact you just inspired a letter! cheers!

    1. I almost had a breast reduction too. This even came up in the argument with my friend – she threw “and you could have had a breast reduction on the NHS” in my face. Like I should have major surgery just so my friends don’t insult me! Bugger – tried to be all peaceable and reflective in the post itself and now I’ve gone all immature and grumpy again!

      1. What a flat chested bitch.

        (this comment was tongue in cheek- after all male obsession with breast size is what is causing sisters to turn on themselves with sexist comments like above. We need to blame teh menz and rise up fighting. Or something.)

  3. As someone who was a double A cup til 26 and then thanks to being a late developer, is at 33, now a F cup, I can tell you there is no perfect size that stops other people having an opinion about them. Each cup size I went up got a different viewpoint, but none was quite right. It was like Goldilocks with nipples.

    I miss being able to wear halternecks and strapless tops without planning ahead, but I also love how i now look in a sweater. Men talked to them when they were small, now they just try harder not to look like they are staring at them but they still are. I feel more feminine though, like I’m a proper woman now as if I’m allowed to sit at the grown up table instead of being infantilised by both men and women like I felt I was when I was flat chested. They mistook my lack of tits for being a girl child they could talk over and who didn’t have opinions which to me is why men like the gamine look as they do love that sexually attractive but likely not to answer back thing. Women often dislike the gamine as they see they are encouraging that behaviour in men by their looks. It’s just another side of them women as public property coin we know so well…

    1. Re-reading the Good Men Project article (for some godforsaken reason!), now you’ve pointed it out, I can see a real element of the “talking over” you refer to. At the same time, these men flatter themselves that they’re not objectifying women because it’s obviously only possible to do that if a woman has big breasts…
      I was a late developer too, due to an eating disorder in my teens. Then I went massive all over (another ED variation!), then lost weight again but with my chest staying big. I sometimes think “if only I’d worn X when I had the chance” but the fact is, I wasn’t actually interested in wearing X at the time so it’s such a pointless regret. I sometimes buy clothes from Bravissimo and Pepperberry but do get a bit irritated with the jolly “celebrate your big boobs, ladies” message – I mean, I just want a dress that fits, not a bloody party in honour of my tits!

  4. This had me giggling at work particularly the final paragraph. I regularly ting my bicycle bell with my bosom when I dismount – that’s not generally a reason you can give to the nice man you startled unintentionally.

    1. I wanted to reply to this earlier with something witty and apt to say re the bicycle bell scenario. Alas, haven’t been able to think of anything. So I recommend you brazen it out and maybe even push for total shock value e.g. “By the way, that wasn’t my bell. That was my actual breasts just made that noise.”

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